I’ll be writing a full review on this lovely work of art, but I wanted to provide a preview. This is one of the most beautiful firearms, and far-and-away the most beautiful shotgun, I’ve ever been given the opportunity to work with. Thanks to Jérôme Lanouel of L’Atelier Verney-Carron (www.l.atelier.verney-carron.fr) and Ken Buch (www.kebcollc.com), the US Importer and Distributor for Verney-Carron firearms, for sending their SD Eloge Grade 20-gauge to me for a review. It’s not just stunningly beautiful, it also hits things at which it is pointed!!

2 thoughts on “A Stunning Firearm

  1. Mike,
    You are more than welcome !
    Thanks a lot for your message and enjoy the Eloge.
    Looking forward seeing you.
    Best Regards

    1. Hi, Jérôme. Excited about my upcoming visit to L’Atelier Verney-Carron in September! Best, Mike

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