When I opened the box containing the 1892 Takedown at my local gun shop, this is what I saw: bone charcoal case hardening coloration on receiver, lever, hammer, butt plate and forend cap that is the ‘tell’ indicating time spent in the Turnbull workshop. There was also the era-appropriate rust bluing on the octagon barrel and magazine tube as well as a hand-rubbed oil finish on the Grade 5/6 walnut stock that shades the wood with that classic Winchester red. What I could not see, but would experience later when I carried out my rangework, was the tang safety conversion that restored the half-cock safety as was found on original 1892 rifles. Likewise, adjustments were made by the Turnbull gunsmiths to lighten the mainspring thus softening both the action cycling and trigger pull. The resulting rifle looks and feels like the original Winchesters carried by Crazy Horse, Garret, Bonnie, Gillett, Oakley and, yes, even Connors and Wayne.

(see full review at TheTruthAboutGuns.com – https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/gun-review-turnbull-finished-winchester-1892-deluxe-takedown-rifle)

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