Yep, a deliberate and somewhat inaccurate (photos are actually top-to-bottom…) play on words, but also reflective of the cool illustrations shown below. These photos captured the instant cartridges ejected from a Verney-Carron double rifle in .450/400 3″ Nitro Express and an SD Eloge Grade 20-gauge. I am currently writing up the SD review, and the double rifle review will appear soon in Africa’s Sportsman Magazine. Hope you like these photos as much as I; the photos were taken by my very talented photographer and wife(!), Frances Arnold.

Thanks again to Jérôme Lanouel of L’Atelier Verney-Carron ( and Ken Buch (, the US Importer and Distributor for Verney-Carron firearms, for sending me the rifle and shotgun for review.

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