The folks at Turnbull Restoration recently sent me a Turnbull Government Heritage Model 1911 for review. This firearm, like all their work, is a thrill to handle. It is even more special because I think this is the one listed as ‘unavailable for purchase because some writer is reviewing it’!

However, Doug Turnbull and Mike Nelson, could not have known what working with their Model 1911 would mean to this freelancer.

The review of the Turnbull Model 1911 will be in memory of one of my very best friends, Grover Edward ‘Buddy’ Swinson. Buddy was a wonderful Father-in-Law to a long-haired kid who married his only daughter. He was also a WWII veteran who saw action in the Pacific. In my full review, I’ll write more about Buddy and one of the times he used his 1911 in combat. For those who knew Buddy, you know it will be somewhat humorous. Like so many service-men and -women, Buddy was an ordinary GI with a big heart. Likewise, as with so many veterans, he did not view himself as special for the service he gave to his Country. He thought of it as his duty.

Thank you Buddy, and all our veterans, for your sacrifices on our behalf.

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