I have been extremely fortunate to be given the opportunity to review many excellent firearms, including guns from Nosler, Blaser, MG-Arms, Turnbull and more. Some of these were custom-built, but even the ‘mass-produced’ firearms have been extremely well manufactured, which was reflected in their accuracy, reliability and beauty.

With all of these wonderful products in mind, I can say without hesitation that the Verney-Carron SD Eloge Grade 20-gauge shotgun ranks among the most beautiful firearms I have ever encountered. Of course, there is something about handling side-by-side rifles and shotguns that makes many of us feel like English/European royalty. But the fact of the matter is that Verney-Carron used only the highest quality materials to produce this lovely firearm.

The author on the Sporting Clays course with the Verney-Carron Azur SD Eloge Grade 20 Gauge Shotgun

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