Well, once again, I was very fortunate to be asked to review a high-end firearm. This time around it was a custom-built revolver made by the German company, Janz. You will be forgiven if you have not run across this name. I had heard the name, but had never even seen a photo of their products. I have now seen, held and fired a Janz EM revolver in .357 Magnum. It was amazing. I have heard estimates that the Janz artisans produce only 100-150 handguns per year. That might give you an idea of the care taken to produce these firearms, and the potential quality of the finished product. I’ll be providing a full review over the next week or so. I look forward to providing much more detail, but in the meantime I’m including a photo taken by the importer for Janz, Till Hezel.


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