Early tomorrow morning, I’ll be heading to the range to try out one of Kerry O’Day’s MG Arms Ultralight rifles chambered to .416 Taylor. I asked Kerry why he started making dangerous-game ultralights. He stated simply, “Hunting in Idaho.” I asked another question. “Were you hunting in the Selway drainage?” He answered “Yep.” (I had gone after black bear on a spot-and-stalk hunt some years previously and learned how tough that terrain could be.) Kerry continued, “You start out with a pack, canteen, food, rifle and a handgun strapped to your waist. After 14 days you don’t even want to carry the handgun.”

In this particular rifle, Kerry has combined his epiphany with the caliber that was a favorite of the esteemed outdoor writer, John Wootters.

I cannot wait to start the rangework on this state-of-the-art firearm. The full review will follow soon!

Whole rifle on red core board


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