Mark Haldane’s South African diction came across clearly through the WhatsApp link. “I avoid cities as much as possible” was his answer to my query of whether the months he spends in his Coutada 11 concession in Mozambique ever made him miss civilization. Following on, I asked about what he liked the most about any natural area and, specifically, Coutada 11? “My greatest enjoyment comes from knowing all the bits of the environment” was his immediate answer. He went on, “I know all the animals in my concession. I know all of the plants, except for the trees. I’m working on learning the tree species right now.” I realized as I listened to Mark that I was hearing Robert Ruark’s assessment of the African Professional Hunter’s motivation. Mark Haldane did indeed give voice to “a simple love of outdoors and creatures, as against a hatred for the contrived living of cities, for the claustrophobic contrivances of civilization”…But, where did Mark’s passion for untamed wilderness, and against human contrivances, originate? In other words, what was the beginning point for the evolution of this particular PH…?

Please use this LINK to access a free pdf of the entire article, ‘MARK HALDANE PROFESSIONAL HUNTER AND CONSERVATIONIST’


4 thoughts on “Mark Haldane – Much more than a PH

  1. Fascinating. I coordinated a survey of the wildlife in Marromeu and the Zambesi Delta Coutadas whilst working for Lomaco in 1990. The best job I have ever had! Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks so much, Keith! I would love to chat with you about your experiences. It would be great to get another perspective of what the area was like close to the end of the Civil War. Best, Mike

  2. I was on safari Coutada 11 during August of 2018. We drove out on the flood plain with my PH and the lion biologist to see how the first group of Lions released were doing. A couple of days later the remaining lions in the boma were released, and we checked on them as well. The excitement and dedication of Mark , Ivan Carter and his team was easy to see, NOT excitement to have a place to hunt Lions at Coutada 11, but for the anticipation of seeing Lions, to possibly hear one roar in the night, to know that this ecosystem that was so damaged when Mark arrived there was one step closer to being whole again. I have never seen as much game any where in the world I have traveled to, not Yellowstone, not Kruger, not anywhere. Among conservationists Mark should be considered a visionary, in my mind he is truly a living legend. I wish I had discovered this Eden 20 years ago. Those who travel to hunt should visit, but every one can donate funds to help support the important work they do.

    1. I could not agree more, Tracy. Mark, Ivan and the Cabela Family Foundation – Dan and Mary Cabela, in particular – are working together to bring about an amazing restoration and conservation of a wonderful ecosystem!

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