Intriguingly, Jamy Traut admitted that a good bit of
his motivation for being a PH came from reading the
writings of people like Robert Ruark and Harry Selby.
As an avid devourer of hunting literature, I understand
the seductive nature of such books and articles. But,
Jamy is the first PH/Outfitter I have encountered who
mentioned literature as a catalyst for choosing their
career. When he first read the classic Africana, he realized
that he would never be a part of the long-gone,
mobile Safaris described in such works as Horn of the
Hunter. However, it and other classics propelled him
forward into the different, but still rewarding, life of a
modern-day Professional Hunter. As an aside, I asked
Jamy whether he encourages young people to consider
pursuing the path leading to a Professional Hunter. His
answer: “Five years ago, I would have freely encouraged
anyone interested to go after the PH training and
qualifications. Now, I warn them of the changing political
climate and the difficulties they will face.” Sad,
but wise words.

Please use this LINK to access a free PDF of the complete article, ‘Hunting and Conservation in Africa During a Pandemic – A Conversation with Namibian Outfitter Jamy Traut’.

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