My shooting and hunting career began when my Dad determined I was old enough to hold a gun. Apparently I showed early promise by not shooting myself, any of our pets, my older brother Randy or, most importantly, my Dad. This led to me harvesting my first whitetail at the age of five. Before and after this pivotal event I shot handguns, rifles and shotguns on the ranges constructed at our home in the West Texas countryside. I also pursued every type of small-game that lived in the surrounding Mesquite-Prickly pear cactus woodlands. Bob-white quail, Mourning dove, rabbits, and the infrequent duck all reinforced my love of hunting.

I honestly cannot recall a time I wasn’t obsessed with firearms and hunting. However, relatively recently I have been given a wonderful opportunity. I have been provided with various outlets – this website being one – for publishing articles about the shooting sports. Being able to combine my love of writing with my passion for these activities has been, for me, an amazing gift. However, my deepest hope, is that my writings will somehow communicate to the reader the deep satisfaction I experience each time I head to the gun range or the hunting field.

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