I Love Maven Optics, and so does Frances!!

Man, is this review of Maven’s B.1 binocular overdue. It was originally planned for December 2020 after a trip to Mozambique…and then there was some crap about a virus. The folks at Maven allowed me to hold onto the binocular until I ended up in Mozambique on Safari in 2021. This review is based on the performance of the B.1 on two separate trips with Zambeze Delta Safaris, one in May/June and the other just returned from in July/August.

I reviewed a riflescope from Maven in September of last year. I’ll refer you to that REVIEW for a bit more information on the company’s history and business model. In a nutshell:

1) Company founded in 2014.

2) They sell only from their website, direct to the customer.

3) A potential customer can handle Maven’s products before buying.

4) Maven provides an unconditional lifetime warranty for optics that are likely to get tough usage, especially for hunting applications.

My wife Frances and I used the B.1 on both safaris. Applications included, game spotting, bird watching and even, scouting areas for filming TEDx talks (sometimes it helps to look at locations from a ways away).

The settings included helicopters, Land Cruisers and on foot, stalking animals. Light conditions ranged from full-sunlight in open pans and floodplains to dense, nearly dark sand forests. Distances ranged from bayonet when hunting Blue Duikers, Red Duikers and Sunis in the sand forests, to 450+ yards when studying Sables, Waterbucks, and Cape Buffalo across pans and floodplains.

I also asked several professional hunters and biologists to use the B.1 binocular and give me feedback.

Please use this LINK to access the entire review on TheTruthAboutGuns