Dateline Black Creek Georgia: Daniel Defense Factory Tour

Here’s a snippet from my article on my tour at the Daniel Defense manufacturing facility:

“I was introduced to Joe Marler (Law Enforcement Sales Manager at Daniel Defense), the host for my visit to the Daniel Defense manufacturing facility, when we both participated in the Government Training Institute Legion‘s ‘Precision Rifle With Elevated Shooting Course‘.”

During the course, Joe and I were paired as we shot from a railing. I could hear him muttering about how my .300 Winchester Magnum was vibrating him off his rest. I told him that he too should be shooting a real-man’s caliber. I guess that is when he found out I was a smart aleck. Even so, Joe seemed pleased to act as my guide for a tour of the Daniel Defense facility near Savannah, Georgia.”

Check out the Video interview with Joe that accompanies my article submitted to Particularly listen close to the final quip from Joe…

The Art of Gunsmithing (by Frances Arnold)

Frances and I were given the privilege of touring L’Atelier Verney-Carron. Frances took the wonderful photographs that will accompany my articles describing our visit. Frances also wrote her own description of our visit, but from a mainly non-shooter’s perspective. Check her article out here!

.700 Nitro Express? Yes, Please!!

Thank you Jérôme Lanoue of L’Atelier Verney-Carron for providing me the opportunity to fire his personal rifle chambered in .700 Nitro Express

Load - Cropped

Jérôme told me to aim between the target’s ‘bulls’ as if it was the boss of a charging Cape Buffalo.


The moment of truth…


I pulled the shot a bit to the right (if you squint, you can see the hole near the left corner of the right bull)…

Hole in Buffalo Appears

And, there’s the HUGE hole made by the passage of the 1000-grain soft-point!

Hole a bit right! - cropped.jpg

I will need more practice, but I am still smiling after being given the chance to shoot this magnificent rifle!

Still Smiling! - cropped


St. Etienne = Weapons


The title of this post is not meant to shock or frighten. What I am trying to communicate is that the name St. Etienne is synonymous with weapon production. From the middle ages to the present, artisans and manufacturing firms have produced countless knives, swords and firearms. Some of these weapons were designed for hunting, others for self-defense or military applications.


Verney-Carron is a paradigm of St. Etienne’s firearm production. The marriage of Claude Verney and Antoinette Carron saw a combination of two families’ work in gunsmithing that extended back-in-time to Guy Verney who was producing shotguns by 1650. An homage to Verney-Carron is thus an homage to the wonderful history of weapon production in St. Etienne and France.