Armageddon™ Gear for the GTI Tactical Course

I have been given the opportunity to attend a Government Training Institute Tactical Course on December 7th and 8th. Invited by my good friend, Ron Differ, I am very excited – and a bit nervous! – to try out shooting at targets positioned at distances up to 900 yards.

As part of my preparation, I needed to find a source for a shooting mat when shooting from a prone position and a rest for the butt of the rifle during the prone phase and the forend on other portions of the course. Finally, I needed a wrist board on which to record the necessary sight adjustments for the widely-varying distances. With this in mind, I approached the premier suppliers of all things related to Tactical shooting: Armageddon™ Gear.

Logo on Box

One phone call and email later resulted in Tom Fuller‘s very generous offer to send this freelancer a set of Armageddon™ Gear’s Tactical-shooting products. The items sent included their Game Changer™ Support Bag, Ultralight Shooting Mat and Competition Data Armband.

Mat (rolled up), Gamechanger, Bracelet and Pens

With the MG Arms Banshee (their Long-Range Tactical Rifle) and the Gold Medal Federal ammunition, I am as prepared as possible. Now, I just have to be able to hit the targets…no pressure there!!

MG Arms Ultra-Light in 7mm-08

The two rifles from Carol and Kerry O’Day, owners of MG Arms, arrived yesterday. I was hoping to take both rifles to the range today, but we are receiving some of our ~50 inches of yearly rainfall. So, instead of rangetime, I spent several hours in a very enjoyable photo session with an MG Arms Ultra-Light chambered to 7mm-08. The plan is to photograph the ‘ultimate longrange tactical rifle’ (i.e. the Banshee) tomorrow.

I thought I would share a few photos of the Ultra-Light.

1) Whole Rifle Angled

6) Skeletonized with Bolt in

This Ultra-Light, like all MG Arms products, is a high-quality and accurate-as-heck firearm. To prove that I’m not being hyperbolic about the accuracy, I’m also including a JPEG of the sighting-in target that Carol sent to me.

3) 7mm-08 Group

The ammunition used to obtain this sub-sub-MOA group was hand-loaded by MG Arms staff. They included boxes of the same hand-loads with the Ultra-Light, thus I will have NO excuse for obtaining larger groups during my shooting sessions. No pressure there!

2) Handloads from MG Arms

A full review in will appear soon!

St. Etienne = Weapons


The title of this post is not meant to shock or frighten. What I am trying to communicate is that the name St. Etienne is synonymous with weapon production. From the middle ages to the present, artisans and manufacturing firms have produced countless knives, swords and firearms. Some of these weapons were designed for hunting, others for self-defense or military applications.


Verney-Carron is a paradigm of St. Etienne’s firearm production. The marriage of Claude Verney and Antoinette Carron saw a combination of two families’ work in gunsmithing that extended back-in-time to Guy Verney who was producing shotguns by 1650. An homage to Verney-Carron is thus an homage to the wonderful history of weapon production in St. Etienne and France.


MG Arms Ultra-Light Rifle in .416 Taylor

“You begin carrying a pack, canteen, food, full-weight rifle and a handgun strapped to your waist. After 14 days you don’t even want to carry the handgun.” – Kerry O’Day

This review was born out of a series of conversations with MG Arms Owners, Carol and Kerry O’Day. Our interactions occurred during the Dallas Safari Club’s 2019 Convention.

Knowing a bit about the esteem with which they and their products were held, and the number of writers who were at the time pestering them for access to their products, I was a bit surprised by their willingness to send out a rifle to yours truly. The decision was made to have me work with the model that established MG Arms as a major, custom-firearms manufacturer, the Ultra-Light rifle

See the full review of this fantastic rifle here.

1) MGA Ultra-Light