Daniel Defense Firearms…Again!

Well, the good folks at Daniel Defense have trusted me with some more of their cool products! At the top is their DDM4 PDW pistol in caliber 300 Blackout and at the bottom is their DD5 V4 rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor.
The pistol will be tearing up berms at my gunclub, while the rifle is set to head to the GTI Legion facilities where it will be fired at targets out to 800+ yards.
Can you say “Yeah Baby!!”
Stay tuned for the reviews of both firearms in TheTruthAboutGuns.com.

Make Mine a Janz EM Revolver

Well, once again, I was very fortunate to be asked to review a high-end firearm. This time around it was a custom-built revolver made by the German company, Janz. You will be forgiven if you have not run across this name. I had heard the name, but had never even seen a photo of their products. I have now seen, held and fired a Janz EM revolver in .357 Magnum. It was amazing. I have heard estimates that the Janz artisans produce only 100-150 handguns per year. That might give you an idea of the care taken to produce these firearms, and the potential quality of the finished product. I’ll be providing a full review over the next week or so. I look forward to providing much more detail, but in the meantime I’m including a photo taken by the importer for Janz, Till Hezel.


Gun Review: Manurhin MR73 Sport .357 Revolver

The men from the French counterterrorist unit, Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie nationale (a.k.a. GIGN), raced toward the hijacked Air France flight 8969. They carried a variety of weapons and specialized equipment. Captain Thierry Prungnaud took point in the assault ending with the rescue of all the passengers and crew still onboard the aircraft.

The front-side door was forced open by the GIGN team and Captain Prungnaud moved into the airliner and into the sights of the four members of the Armed Islamic Group of Algeria. Within a matter of seconds he killed two of the terrorists and seriously injured a third.

But, unlike what might be assumed, the firearm that went through the door first, and into the hail of terrorist rifle bullets, wasn’t an automatic rifle or a semiautomatic pistol. Instead, the three terrorists succumbed to wounds inflicted by a .357 Magnum revolver.

The weapon used by the GIGN point-man to, in his own words, ‘neutralize three of [the four terrorists]’ was the French-manufactured Manurhin MR73. This firearm was designed specifically to stand up to the incredibly punishing training regimen employed by this elite force.

For complete article see: TheTruthAboutGuns.com

A Personal Review – Turnbull Model 1911

The folks at Turnbull Restoration recently sent me a Turnbull Government Heritage Model 1911 for review. This firearm, like all their work, is a thrill to handle. It is even more special because I think this is the one listed as ‘unavailable for purchase because some writer is reviewing it’!

However, Doug Turnbull and Mike Nelson, could not have known what working with their Model 1911 would mean to this freelancer.

The review of the Turnbull Model 1911 will be in memory of one of my very best friends, Grover Edward ‘Buddy’ Swinson. Buddy was a wonderful Father-in-Law to a long-haired kid who married his only daughter. He was also a WWII veteran who saw action in the Pacific. In my full review, I’ll write more about Buddy and one of the times he used his 1911 in combat. For those who knew Buddy, you know it will be somewhat humorous. Like so many service-men and -women, Buddy was an ordinary GI with a big heart. Likewise, as with so many veterans, he did not view himself as special for the service he gave to his Country. He thought of it as his duty.

Thank you Buddy, and all our veterans, for your sacrifices on our behalf.