Remington Model 700 PCR Enhanced Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor

I hope you all will take a look at my most recent review. I was given the opportunity to work with an amazing new Model 700 from Remington. This is NOT your Dad’s Model 700 – unless of course he ran out and purchased the just-available, Precision Chassis Rifle – Enhanced. Incredibly accurate and really cool in appearance. This one is definitely worth consideration if you’re looking for a production model rifle for long-range shooting.

Maven RS.4 5-30×56 FFP Riflescope

This review came to be after I was approached by Eric Whiting, marketing guy for Maven Optics. I had never heard of Maven, so I did not have a clue what I might be getting myself into when I agreed to review their brand new RS.4 riflescope. Turns out I needn’t have worried. This is great glass! You can check out the review here.

4) Full scope and Elevation Turret