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MG Arms "Cap Pistol" - Interview with Kerry & Carol O'Day at Dallas Safari Club Convention - 2020
Neal Emery with Hornady discusses the new-ish "A-Tip Match Bullet"
Josh Cluff of H-S Precision talks about the new iteration of the PLR - Long Range Hunting Rifle
A visit with Jerome Lanoue of Verney-Carron featuring their custom 28 gauge Shotgun and 500 Nitro Double Gun
Listen as Kevin Wistner of Blaser USA desscribes the 'new' format providing the shooter/hunter with a fully-adjustable (no-tools-required) Blaser R8
Jack Homa of "Electronic Shooters Protection" tells Mike about why his earplugs are so sought after by shooters and hunters around the world.
Watch as Mike is upstaged by the English Cocker Spaniels from Ryglen Gundogs
Craig Boddington talks to Mike about his new book "Buffalo II!"
Mark Haldane of Zambeze Delta Safaris talks about his passion for ecosystem conservation.
Lilian Camalet of 4Stable Sticks demonstrates their latest shooting rest
Mike's wife, Frances, shows us the Dallas Safari Club convention floor from a Non-hunter's point of view

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