Mike Arnold, Outdoor Writer
Mike Arnold, Outdoor Writer
Mike Arnold, Outdoor Writer

Mike Arnold has been a hunter all his life. The Hunter’s Horn blew very early for him. Taking his first whitetail at the age of five was a transformative experience. From that time forward, Mike has spent months each year pursuing game animals – from quail and rabbits behind his parents’ house, to kudu and leopard in Africa. Mike continues to be a hunter and firearms enthusiast, and now he is combining his love of writing to record his adventures. He has written numerous articles for Outdoor magazines – including Sports Afield, Safari and Hunter’s Horn.

Mike’s writings also incorporate his 45 years as a research scientist with his passion for shooting and hunting. He often covers the role hunters and their organizations play in ecosystem restoration and conservation. He has produced a series of articles on key stakeholders — such as Zambeze Delta Safaris, Cabela Family Foundation and The Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance — highlighting how sport hunting leads to the conservation of habitats and wildlife.

Mike’s TEDx presentation on conservation-through-hunting,

“Hungry Stomachs Have No Ears: Why supplying protein restores ecosystems”

will take place in the Fall of 2021.

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